H2L Robotics

H2Lā€™s first product: the Selector180

The tulip selection robot autonomously drives through the tulip fields using GPS-RTK. Cameras scan the tulips, after which an AI (Artificial Intelligence) network analyzes the images for disease patterns. The treatment robot then takes care of treating the leaves.

Working at H2L

How it started

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From early March the tulips come out of the ground and we can go in the field

On February 10th 2021 the Selector180 was officially revealed and introduced to the users

In December 2020 the Selector180 takes shape. The machines need to go into the field by March 1st

May 25th Marcel passed away. Until his final days he worked on his tulip project. We will not forget him

In March and April 2020 we tested our prototype on different fields in North Holland. Based on the results we will build two Selector180 machines for the 2021 season

In October 2019 we made an agreement with SMIT Constructie and a group of 6 tulip growers to build and test a first prototype

Because of their backgrounds in optics, software and robotics and their interest in the precision agriculture market, it was decided to design a tulip selection robot as a first product

H2L was founded by Marcel van Kervinck and Alexander van Veen on September 5th 2019 with the objective to apply their extensive machine building experience for agriculture


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